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Postpartum Services

If I'm unable to work due to be booked or just unavailable, please, avoid paying agency fees. I'm part of a network of local Postpartum Providers and Doulas and I will gladly refer you to someone available to assist your family.


Free Consultation/Interview

The initial consultation/interview is completely free of charge.

It's a great way to be on the same page about your expectations, to discuss your needs, proposed schedule and to ensure compatibility. 

Initial consultation can be in person or by phone.


Services Included

• Prenatal visit and assistance with a postpartum plan preparation at your home if hired during pregnancy 

• Baby care education and support

• Assisting in basic baby care duties such as feeding, bathing, cord stump care, circumcision care (if applicable), organizing the nursery and baby clothes.

• Watching the baby and/or older children while mother/partner needs to rest

• Preparing simple, nutritious meals and making sure mother is hydrated, specially when nursing.

• Breastfeeding, pumping or supplementation support 

• Physical and emotional support during the entire lenght of contract: in person or remotely by phone, text or email.

• Use of acupressure protocols for postpartum discomforts if desired/needed

• Listening to your birth story, concerns, frustrations and being attentive to challenges of your postpartum recovery.

• Access to my referral list or other professionals if an issue out of my scope of pratice arrises

• Assisting with simple housework tasks such as emptying garbage, dishes and laundry.

• Access to my private lending library 


Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding requires patience, persistance and lots of support.

If you choose to breastfeed I'm here to support you and your baby throughout the entire process. 

I'm able to recognize issues and refer you to wonderful professionals that can assist you further. 


Phone & Email Support  

I will be available via email, instant message, text message or cell phone, to answer any questions or concerns. 


Availability, Work Agreement and Retainer

To avoid scheduling conflicts and above all, to provide an effective plan and higher quality care services, we are only accepting clients if booked in advanced during pregnancy

My availability is at a first come, first serve basis.

To book my services a retainer deposit* of 50% of the total anticipated contract amount and a signed work agreement are required. Once I receive both, you are booked!


*The retainer amount will be deducted from the back end of the contract.


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As a Postpartum Provider, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

Camila Santiago is not a medical professional, is not licensed by the State of Nevada and does not give medical advice or perform medical tasks such as checking blood pressure, newborn vitals or other diagnostic tests. The posrtpartum support services do not replace care from a medical provider.


Make decisions for you 

My role as a Postpartum Provider is to mainly provide information, resources and to assist you to make your own empowered and informed decisions. 


Perform Major Household Tasks

Such as washing windows, cleaning of bathrooms, yard work, etc.

Pricing & Additional Services


Postpartum Services


4 hours per minimum is required for day time 

8 hours minimum is required for nights


Private Consultation/ Baby Care Tips n' Tricks 


If you are not interested in the entire Postpartum package but would like to know more about the process of postpartum, lactation support and baby care. I also offer a 2 hour long private consultation to provide you as much information about baby and breastfeeding basics.

I will be available for follow ups by phone, text or email to answer any additional questions.



Acupressure care is safe, very effective and beneficial while experiencing postpartum/breastfeeding related discomforts such as after birth pain, lower back pain, engorgement, etc.

I will gladly teach you and your partner some specific points that can be very useful during the postpartum period.

Acupressure is included in my Doula and Postpartum services at 

no additional charge.

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