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Camila Santiago 


Las Vegas-NV


Tel: 702-462-1733

Professional info


- 2004-2007 Linguistics - University of Sao Paulo

- 2007 Newborn and Multiples Care – UNIRE Brazil

- 2008 Certified Nurse Assistant – College of Southern NV

- 2008-Current Basic Life Support/CPR Provider – American Heart Association

- 2013 Newborn Care Specialist Trained - Multiple Blessings

- 2013 DONA International – Trained Birth Doula

- 2014-Current Neonatal Resuscitation Provider

- 2014 Integrating Acupressure into Doula Practice Labor + Postpartum – Nicholas Olow

- 2014-2016 Sisters Circle Midwifery Skills – WRM

- 2014 Miscellaneous workshops in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Suturing and Phlebotomy

- 2014 Homeopathy First-Aid & Acute Care Study Group – NCH Guide/Liz Kerby

- 2014 Charting for Midwives / Preparing for Legislation / Preceptor-Apprentice Relationships - NARM

- 2015 Sacred PP, Sacred Belly Bind and Sealing Ceremony

- 2015 Certified Placenta Specialist – IPPA

- 2015-Current Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control For Placenta Encapsulators – Biologix

- 2015-Current Food Handler Safety Training Card - SNVHD

- 2015 Certified Labor Doula - WRM

- 2015 Bereavement Doula Trained – Stillbirthday

- 2016 Postpartum Doula Trained – Prodoula

- 2017 Spinning Babies Trained

- 2017 Bleeding through pregnancy – NetCE Course 93251

- 2017 Stick 'Em Up IV Therapy – Tender Beginnings Birth Services

- 2017 Intrapartum Fetal Assessment for Midwives – Lynn Arnold

- 2018 Certified Advanced Doula/Monitrice – WRM

- 2018 Child Growth Assessment Facilitator - WHO/CDC

- 2018 Watch Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns - CDC

- 2018 Community Health Worker - NV Dept Health and Human Services

- 2018 Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening – University of VA

- 2018 Newborn Dried Blood-Spot Screening – University of VA

- 2018 Culturally Competent Nursing Care: A Cornerstone of Caring –

- 2017 - 2019 Midwifery Apprenticeship

-2020 Breech Without Borders

-2020 Certified Professional Midwife - NARM

-2020 Midwifery Bridge Completion - 50 accredited approved continuing education contact hours- NARM

-2020 Resolving Shoulder Dystocia – Spinning Babies

-2020 VBAC, PROM, GBS, Newborn Procedures, Due Dates, AMA – Evidence Based Birth

-2020 Point of Care Ultrasound For Midwives - Carolyn L. Gegor - Ultrasound For Midwives



Portuguese (native)

English (fluent)


French (basic notions)

2010 - present

2010 - present

Work experience

-Motherhood Collective Las Vegas

Nov 2020 - Present

Collective practice consisted of 3 midwives and several Doulas. Performed all functions as a Certified Professional Midwife: pre-conception counseling, full prenatal and postpartum care to families seeking to either give birth at home or at the hospital, well child care up to 24 months and placenta services.

-Well Rounded Momma

April 2013-Sept 2020

Affiliated Certified Advanced Doula (Monitrice), Certified Placenta Specialist, Midwife.

Assisting mothers during water birth, home birth, hospital birth, VBAC, induction and c-section (recovery room assistance with breastfeeding) as a Independent Contractor Labor Doula/Monitrice.

Prepared placenta products according to client request as a Placenta Specialist. Part of a rotation of 4 Specialists total.

During my midwifery apprenticeship my duties were assisting during prenatal appointments, filling lab paperwork/referrals, preparing/cleaning room for examination/lab work, performing examinations under supervision, attending and assisting in all aspects of homebirth, performing newborn screenings, newborn hearing screenings, lactation and postpartum support. Have attended over 80 births as a student midwife from August 2017 - August 2019.

Obtained certifications as a Community Health Worker and Growth Assessment Facilitator to perform Baby Well Assessments (measuring, weighting, charting and milestones) for infants from 0-24 months.

Passed the NARM Exam on January 2020 and started practicing as a Certified Professional Midwife affiliated with WRM.


-Private Family

March 2014

Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn twins. 5 days/week. Perform all duties related to infant care, assisted family to structure a healthy eat, activity and sleep daily routine, cleaning and sanitizing bottles. One of the babies has moderate-severe acid reflux and eczema.


-Private Family

January/February 2015

Birth/Postpartum Doula

Primarily hired as birth Doula for the birth of twin boy and girl. Family needed additional assistance as a postpartum Doula assisting mother at the hospital for 2 nights after birth and later for 3 more weeks at home at night time. Assisted mother and babies with breastfeeding, supplementation, biliblanket care, cleaning up kitchen, cleaning up and sanitizing pump parts and baby bottles. During my on-duty time I assisted in changing babies diapers, giving babies to mom and later placing babies in crib so mother would not need to get up from bed and tend to babies while recovering from surgery. Assisted mother with keeping her hydrated with water or tea during night feeds and prepared her breakfast in the morning. In addition to regular postpartum duties, used acupressure techniques and essential oils for relaxation and for low milk supply. Performed and taught mother how to do Bengkung Belly Bind wrap for abdominal and back support after 2 weeks of c-section.


-Private Family

January 2015

Postpartum Doula

Full term baby girl. Job was 1 week long, breastfeeding assistance and baby care instructions such as feeding, burping, changing diapers, establishing a healthy day and night time routine, bathing, cord stump care, etc. Assisted mother with postpartum discomforts using acupressure techniques for sacrum/lower back pain and essential oils to assist mother in establishing a good breast milk supply. Performed and taught mother how to do Bengkung Belly Bind wrap for abdominal and back support.


-Private Family

November/December 2014

Postpartum Doula 

Full term baby girl, c-section mother. Job 2 weeks long, breastfeeding assistance and baby care instructions.

Prepared meals for mother, laundry assistance, drove to appointments.


-Private Family

July-November 2014

Newborn Care Specialist. 

Newborn Twin Boys. 6 nights/week, breastfeeding assistance and sleep training.

Assistance with foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, jaundice, moderate reflux (one of the babies) and circumcision care.


-Private Family


Full Time, Full Charge Nanny/NCS and Assistant.

Ages of children upon hire: 1 year old and newborn


-Private Family


Occasional Basis/ Overnight Newborn (preemie) Care

Age of child: 5 months old (adjusted age 3 months old)


-Private Family


Full Time Nanny

Ages of children upon hire: 2, 3 and 8 month old


-Private Family


On-Call Nanny

Ages of children upon hire: 3 years old (Autistic) and 4 month old


-JTI, Inc.


Project Coordinator


-Private Families


Occasional Basis - after office hours/ Overnight Newborn Care

Ages of children upon hire: newborns to 10 yrs old

Offered discount rates for military families


-Private Family


Occasional Basis/ Overnight Newborn Care

Age of child upon hire: 7 weeks old


-Private Family


Full Time Nanny and Estate Manager

Ages of children upon hire: 13, 8 and 3 yrs old, newborn after 6 months of employment


-Private Family


Au Pair/Newborn Care Specialist

Ages of children upon hire: Newborn Preemie Twins 

*Complete detailed resume and references available upon request
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