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Newborn Care Specialist Services

*Currently on hiatus for long-term newborn care jobs*


Free Consultation/Interview

The initial consultation/interview is completely free of charge.

It's a great way to know each other and be on the same page about your expectations or questions about such important moment.


Prenatal Visit

Prenatal visit at your home or by phone/Skype so we can discuss the options and expectations with baby care, parenting style, sibling preparation, child proofing, etc, if applicable.


Primary Resposibilities



-Changing diapers

-Preparing, cleaning and sanitizing bottles

-Maintain nightly log to keep track of feeding times, ounces, diaper changes, sleeping patterns etc.

-Providing developmental milestone, weekly and daily goals.

-Informing and giving suggestions to parents when applicable

-Creating and estabilishing a day-time and night-time routine or schedule when applicable

-Bathing (only on assignments that starts 1 hour prior to newborn’s bedtime)

-Babies' laundry (as needed)

-Assistance with light household duties (as needed)

-Additional responsibilities must be discussed, mutually agreed and specified on the contract before the beginning of the assignment


Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding requires patience, persistance and lots of support.

If you choose to breastfeed I'm here to support you and your baby throughout the entire process. 

I'm able to recognize issues and refer you to wonderful professionals that can assist you further. 


Lenght of the Assignments

The length of the assignments may vary depending on your needs but commonly being 4 to 12 weeks long. I'm open for longer assignments as well (4-6 months), depending on availability.


Availability, Work Agreement and Retainer

My availability is at a first come, first serve basis. To book my services a retainer deposit* of 25% of the total anticipated contract amount and a signed work agreement are required. Once I receive both, you are booked!


If I'm unable to work due to be booked or just unavailable, please, avoid paying agency fees. I'm part of a network of LOCAL NCS and I will gladly refer you to someone available to assist your family.


*The retainer amount will be deducted from the back end of the contract.


Where do you work?

I'm located in Las Vegas, NV and I provide services to mainly the Las Vegas area and surroundings.


How about taxes?

NCS are basically in a 'gray area' regarding taxes because we can be either considered as a household employee and meet the IRS requirements to be consideres an independent contractor.

I'm willing to be paid as a independ contractor (1099), specially if the assignment is out of state. In this case payments must have no deductions.

I'm willing to be paid as a household employee and having the accordingly deductions (Federal, SS and Medicare) on local assignments only. 

I'm more than happy to refer you to a payroll company specialized in Household solutions. 

Camila Santiago newborn care specialist baby nurse night nurse las vegas

Singleton $25/hour

Twins $30/hour

Triplets $35/hour

Nursery Shopping/Set-Up  



If you are not sure if you are missing something for the nursery or if you bought too much of something you won't need, I'm here to help!

I'm always in tune for the latest product trends, products that are mom and baby approved, products that are not very helpful and also what's not safe for your baby (including the latest recalls).

I'm also available to run to the store, carry the bags and boxes and help you set up your baby's nursery.


*Prices may vary for babies that require extra care due to health conditions (breathing equipment, G-tube, heart monitors, etc).

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