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Free initial and pre-conception consultation. Pre-conception care allows parents to maximize the health and preparedness of anyone trying to conceive. In this visit we discuss lifestyle choices, supplementation for increased fertility, health history and Fertility Awareness Method.



We provide 45-60 minute prenatal visits on a regular schedule. Every visit is tailored to the client's specific gestational and wellbeing needs.



Clients have the option to give birth at their own home or have prenatal and postpartum care with a midwife, but give birth in the hospital with a laborist/OB.



Adequate early postpartum care is crucial to the physical and emotional recovery and wellbeing of mother and baby. We perform several PP visits during the first 6-8 weeks after the birth.



Routine care also includes assessing your baby for growth and milestones. For home birth clients, we file the birth certificate and are able to do important screenings such as the Critical Congenital Heart Defects and the Newborn Dried Blood-Spot screenings.


This package includes all of your prenatal care, home delivery and postpartum care for 6-8 weeks. 

All of the following are included:

-Individualized Holistic complete prenatal care to low risk pregnancies.

-Access to electronic records through a Client Portal System

-Phone support throughout your care

-45-60 minute appointments

-Prenatal visits  schedule: every four weeks until 28 weeks pregnant, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, and every week until delivery.

-Point of Care Ultrasound Scans (basic, limited scans that can assess mainly fetal viability, fetal positioning, limited fetal measurements)

-Basic Laboratory Tests (OB Panel, CBC, etc)

-Home Delivery (includes a Midwife + 1 Assistant)

-24-48 hour home Postpartum Visit

-1 week, 2 week and 6-8 week Office Postpartum Visit

-Placenta Capsules and/or Placenta Print (optional)

-Filing Birth Certificate & Social Security Card

-Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHD) Screening

-Newborn Metabolic Screening Nevada State

-Newborn Hearing Screening

[*In the event a hospital transport is needed, your Midwife will arrange transport with the chosen hospital and fax them all medical records. After delivery, the following postpartum services are still in effect as our client.]

Extra Fees:

-Advanced Laboratory and Genetic Tests [$30-$250/each] 

-Diagnostic Ultrasound [$175]

-Birth Kit [+$50] Includes everything disposable that we will need for your homebirth, such as chux pads, cords clamps, sterile gloves, etc.


Not included in package price, these services are available, but optional:

-Other contracted services, such as birth tub rental, labor doula, childbirth classes, etc.

Insurance Notice

  • FBTB is NOT in-network with any insurances.

  • FBTB NO LONGER 'super-bill' insurances as an out of network provider. We are a small solo practice that accepts CASH PAY only.

  • MEDICAID does not cover any home birth related costs in Nevada.

  • Reimbursement through private insurance solely depends on the policy/benefits you have. We do not guarantee any type or amount of reimbursement.

  • Insurance/Medicaid can be billed, however, to cover costs of laboratory tests, ultrasounds and perinatal consultations.

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