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*Fertility Awareness Method 

*Mayan Abdominal Therapy

*Natural Fertility and Wellness

*My Fertility Friend - Fertility Charts

*Garden of Fertility Charts & Books

*Steamy Chick Vaginal Steaming


Wellness/ Pregnancy/ Parenting Centers

*Motherhood Collective Las Vegas

*Well Rounded Momma

*UMC Family Resource Center

*Nevada WIC

*St. Rose Barbara Greenspun Women's Care Center

*Sisters, Mothers and Friends

*Women's Resource Center of Souther NV



*Multiples of America

*Twin, Pregnancy and Beyond

*Las Vegas Mothers of Multiples

*Mothers of Super Twins

*Breastfeeding Multiples


Vaginal Birth After Cesarean


*VBAC International


Breech Birth

*Coalition for Breech Birth

*Optimal Fetal Positioning

*Safety of Vaginal Breech Delivery 


Water Birth

*Water Birth International



*Liz Kerby HC

*Lindsay Brooke HC

*Renaissance Health Centre

*Azure Standard

*DoTerra Essential Oil Consultations

*Grass Fed Beef 

*Herbally Grounded 

*Las Vegas Farmers Markets 

*Quail Hollow Farm CSA 

*Weston A Price Foundation 

*Nevada WIC


Breastfeeding Info, Support and Banks

*Motherhood Collective Las Vegas

*Well Rounded Momma Mother's Milk Circle & Lactaction Professionals

Every Tuesday from 10am to 2pm

Location: Well Rounded Momma

Price: Free

*ZtoA Lactation Advising

*Angel Breast Pumps 

*Jack Newman

*La Leche League 

*Parenting & Breastfeeding 

*Mother’s Milk Bank of Southern Nevada

*Human Milk 4 Human Babies



*Purest Light Photography

*Leslie Sullivan Photography

*Kyla Groneman Photography

*Sarah Beth Chamberlain

*Little Loo Photography Lisa Weingardt



*Well Rounded Momma

*Brother's Binky

*A Pea in a Pod 

*As They Grow 

*Lovebug Baby 

*Motherhood Maternity 

*Artsy Nannies






Alternatives for Women

    - Martha Drohobyczer, MSN, CNM (702) 365-9929

Dr. Steven Harter MD (702) 255-3547

Dr. Timothy Sauter MD 702-914-6900

Hormone Therapy Institute

     -Dr. Orlandis L. Wells MD

Desert Perinatal Associates

Charlene Hanna-Manfull, APRN, NP, CNM​

Women’s Resource Medical Center of Southern Nevada


Pediatrics/ Family

*St. Rose Pediatrics:

-Dr. Dianne Goebel (702) 529-3479 

-Dr. Rosemary Hyun

-Dr. Heath Hodapp

-Dr. Kenneth Misch 

*Dr. Kathleen Webber (702) 633-4477

*Dr. Dennis R. Moore Jr (702) 614-5437 

*Dr. Sanford White MD (702) 951-3400

*Anthem Hills Pediatrics

  - Dr. Douglas Barlow

  - Dr. Kim LaMotte-Malone

*Dr. Edmund L. Faro, MD (702) 685-5543



*Herbally Grounded

Cord Blood Banking

*CryoCell International



*Emma Coro, MFTI

*Maternal Minds Counseling

*Kay and Me Doula and Wellness​

*Life Bridge Kids

*Postpartum Support International 


Housing Assistance for Teenager Mothers

*Living Grace Home


Special Needs Assessment/Assistance/Therapy

0-3years old


*Nevada Early Intervention Services


Newborn Care/ Childcare

*The Baby Nurse Registry

*Nannies of Las Vegas Job Board

*Nannies and Housekeepers USA

*Nanny's & Granny's

*Artsy Nannies





Support Groups

*Well Rounded Momma Support Groups

*Las Vegas VBAC Support - ICAN of Southern Nevada 

*Vegaroos (Baby Wearing Support Group)


Loss and Bereavement

*Jalen's Gift Foundation

*Grief Support - Bereavement Ministry of St. Thomas More Parish 


General Family Resources

East Valley Family Services

A non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides support for families in need.  We service the Las Vegas valley through a variety of programs targeted to families, children, and seniors.

Visit link for details.

Henderson Multigenerational Center
250 S. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, Nevada 89102

Designed to bring people of all generations together to enjoy the benefits of recreation. From a demonstration kitchen and jogging track to an adult lounge and dance room, the facility accommodates a wide array of activities, interests and community services. Staff members enjoy working with people of all ages and help educate patrons about the importance of physical fitness.

Visit link for details.

Family Resource Center
2850 S. Lindell Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146

Children’s Advocacy Alliance 
5258 S. Eastern Ave, #151
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

The Children’s Advocacy Alliance is committed to ensuring that all children live in safe and nurturing environments, free from abuse, neglect, violence and other hazards.

Visit link for details.

Legal Aid of Southern Nevada
725 E. Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

The preservation of access to justice and the provision of quality legal counsel, advice and representation for individuals who are unable to protect their rights because they cannot afford an attorney.

Visit link for details.

Nevada 2-1-1

Our vision is to empower all Nevadans to achieve optimal self-sufficiency, health and well-being. Our mission is to connect all individuals, families, and providers to essential health and human services information and resources.

Visit link for details.



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