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Newborn Care Specialist Services

Newborn 101

Wish babies would come with a detailed manual of instructions? We can help you with that!

This class was prepared after working hands-on with several families in the Las Vegas valley since 2007 as a Newborn Care Specialist/Nanny and after having my own baby.

Newborn 101 is a private customized class held in the comfort of your home. It usually takes 2 hours to cover all information.


We will cover newborn care basics such as:

-diaper changing

-newborn bathing

-cord/circumcision care

-general safety


-feeding options

-baby wearing


-parenting styles/options

-sleeping arrangements

-nursery set-up tips and tricks

-any additional questions related to newborn

From Bump To Babies Newborn 101 manual and unlimited follow-up support by phone, text or email included for the first 4 weeks of baby's life if any additional questions arise down the baby road.


Postpartum 101

The postpartum period is not as discussed as birth and newborn, however it is full of challenges, changes in mom's bodies and in her emotional and physical well being. 


This customized private consultation/class provides as much information and support about the postpartum period, breastfeeding basics and newborn care. It is held in the comfort of your home and it usually takes 2 hours to cover all information.


-Postpartum: what to expect?

-Postpartum supplies

-Postpartum nutrition

-Newborn and the postpartum mother

-Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding basics

-Mom and baby sleep plan

-Choosing the right support

-Referral list

1 Follow-up visit during the actual postpartum period + birth processing + unlimited support by phone, text or email included on the first 4 weeks if any additional questions arise down the postpartum road.


Camila Santiago newborn care specialist baby nurse night nurse las vegas
Services and Pricing

Newborn 101 or Postpartum 101 Private Class + Phone Support

$200 each class

$350 both classes *Save $50!*

Taught in 2 separate days

Nursery Shopping/Set-Up  



If you are not sure if you are missing something for the nursery or if you bought too much of something you won't need, I'm here to help!

I'm always in tune for the latest product trends, products that are mom and baby approved, products that are not very helpful and also what's not safe for your baby (including the latest recalls).

I'm also available to run to the store, carry the bags and boxes, help with nursery and nursery furniture set-up.


*Prices may vary for babies that require extra care due to health conditions (breathing equipment, G-tube, heart monitors, etc).

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